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La Ciudad Real offers homeowners, tangible amenities. The presence of these amenities makes this community livable and enhances the quality of life here. For investors looking for properties to add to their portfolio, the mere presence of these world class amenities makes the properties to rise in value much quicker than most of their peers. This is a definite plus for any return-conscious investor.

Among the amenities La Ciudad Real offers include:

Clubhouse with Function Room

Calmar Land included in its design, a clubhouse which brings together lots of features to deepen the quality of life residents here enjoy. There are a few outstanding clubhouse features worth mentioning.

Gym – This is a fully equipped gym facility that gives an affordable opportunity for families within the residential community to work out and promote active lifestyles.

Function Room – The clubhouse incorporates spacious events area designed specifically for social gatherings. Next time you have a meeting with friends, colleagues, or family, you won’t have to rent a room somewhere far from your home. It is all provided for here.

Coffee Shop – Do you want to enjoy fresh brewed coffee served early in the morning as you admire the mountain skyline of Padre Garcia? The answer is in the state-of-the-art coffee shop that comes as a package with the clubhouse. You get quality coffee right within the vicinity at an affordable cost.

Game Room – At times what your mind needs is just an opportunity to relax. This could be on a weekend or in the evenings. The game room has a selection of pool and board games which give you a platform to meet new friends and learn new games to keep you engaged.

Waterpark Features

Imagine soaking yourself in a warm pool late in the evening or during the afternoon on a weekend! This is what La Ciudad Real guarantees you. They have a complex swimming pool that brings together:

Kiddie Pool – This is for the kids to learn how to swim as you enjoy quality time with them.

Activity Game Pool – This water facility opens a whole new world of creative games you can play with your family and friends by the pool. If you have ever imagined exercising and running around in the water, then this is the time to actualize those imaginations.

Lap Pool – Calmar Land never rules out the existence of sports enthusiasts in its communities that is why for this particular residential setting, they included a lap pool to cater for their daily swim laps. If you are one of them, then this is most certainly for you.

Village Amenities

The village as a whole has additional facilities for everyone to enjoy apart from the clubhouse and waterpark features.

  • Clubhouse with Function Room
  • Main Entrance & Guard House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wide Concrete Roads (min of 8 m wide)
  • Basketball Court
  • Concrete Sidewalk and Gutters
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Interconnected Water Distribution System
  • Overhead Power distribution lines
  • Underground Drainage System
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